Niche Private Equity Secondary Opportunities

Sturbridge Capital specializes in two niche areas of the private equity secondary market: mature (or “tail-end”) fund interests and fund-of-funds (or “pooled vehicles”) interests. We have successfully completed 13 secondary private equity transactions since 2012. Sturbridge’s current secondary private equity assets exceed $140 million.

Tail-end Interests

Sturbridge is a leading global purchaser of older, “tail-end” private equity fund interests. We’ve completed transactions with some of the largest global fund-of-funds managers and insurance companies. Our firm assists these organizations in liquidating all of their older fund interests to enable the complete wind down of legal entities in a timely and efficient manner.

Fund of Funds

Sturbridge is a leading global purchaser of fund-of-funds and secondary private equity funds. Sturbridge has been successful in obtaining consent to purchase most pooled private equity vehicles that are often difficult to transfer. We have successfully completed transactions with several of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies.

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