Sturbridge Capital is an experienced secondary buyer of fund-of-fund, secondary fund, and tail-end private equity interests.


Founded in 2011, Sturbridge Capital is a niche secondary private equity firm with over $500 million of assets under management across three funds. Sturbridge Capital is a leading innovative buyer of limited partnership interests in fund-of-funds, secondary funds, and tail-end funds. While the secondary market has grown and evolved significantly since Sturbridge Capital’s inception, we have generated stable and attractive returns for our investors by maintaining our disciplined and focused investment strategy. Sturbridge Capital focuses on providing an attractive liquidity solution to limited partners of fund-of-funds, secondary funds, and tail-end funds and collaborates with fund-of-fund and secondary fund general partners by assisting them with fund wind downs and sales of tail-end interests. We have completed over 30 transactions and have acquired exposure to over 2,000 underlying funds since inception. We are currently raising our third fund.


We provide attractive liquidity solutions to a broad universe of private equity investors, including public and private pension funds, corporations, foundations, university endowments, family offices and individuals.

Niche Private Equity Secondary Opportunities

Sturbridge Capital specializes in two niche areas of the private equity secondary market: fund-of-funds and secondary funds (or “pooled vehicles”) interests and mature (or “tail-end”) fund interests. We also make small, primary investments in fund-of-fund managers with whom we have purchased interests.


Sturbridge Capital is a leading global purchaser of fund-of-funds and secondary private equity funds. Sturbridge has been successful in obtaining consent to purchase most pooled private equity vehicles that are often difficult to transfer. We have successfully completed transactions with several of the world’s largest banks and insurance companies.

Tail-end Interests

Sturbridge Capital is a leading global purchaser of older, “tail-end” private equity fund interests. We’ve completed transactions with some of the largest global fund-of-funds managers and insurance companies. Our firm assists these organizations in liquidating all of their older fund interests to enable the complete wind down of legal entities in a timely and efficient manner.



Sturbridge Capital was founded in 2011 by Salam Chaudhary with a major investment commitment from Chris Hornung. Chris was the Founder and former longtime Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Cycle, a company which he grew to become North America’s leading supplier of bicycles and related products under the brand names of Schwinn, GT, Mongoose, Pacific, InSTEP, Pacific Outdoors, Roadmaster and Dyno.

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